Sock Hop Coin Laundry Logo
Opened in the Fall of 2012, The Sock Hop Coin Laundry has new equipment, a bright open floor plan, and a Retro 1950’s Style that is sure to please. The store is a trully unique blend of “Old School Vibe” meets “State of the Art Facilities”.

All the way from its checker board floors and Fire Engine Red Folding Tables, to its’ Chrome Stools and “Soda-Pop Like” counter, the Retro vibe is everywhere. You can sing along with the retro music, or watch either of the two flat screen TV’s. All while utilizing some of the Laundry industries must efficient machines to take care of the chore at hand.

Or if you prefer “Drop & Shop”, let us do your Laundry for you while you enjoy many of our neighboring busineses. Casey’s Irish Pub, The Bagel Bar, Penny’s Used Books, Papa’s Pizza, Fuji Chinese Take Out, they are all great . . . just be sure to top it all off with Carvel Ice Cream ! And you can do them all without moving your car !

Come on down because. . . “Your Dirty Laundry IS Our Business !”